Thursday, June 24, 2010


I just love the idea of having chalkboard paint somewhere in the House. I think I'd like to put some in Kempers room or play room. Or even our dining room. Plus I have to write everything down if I want to remember it or if I want to think straight so it'd be perfect to write on the wall. And I like the idea of having some framed in the living room for an ever-changing piece of art, like the picture with the Christmas stockings and cards...

vivafullhouse for credit


  1. O.K., so first of all, I just noticed this blog.

    Our house that we're moving to in Tennessee has a chalkboard wall between the kitchen and dining room. I'm kind excited for it.

  2. Its a pretty new blog. Is it bad that I have more to say about meaningless "design" than I do my kid?? oh well...

    That is awesome you have it! I am painting SOMETHING in our house with chalkboard paint, because it might keep him entertained for like 5 minutes.