Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I think in pictures, maybe most creative types do. And our house needs a lot more color for me to be happy with it. Lately these images have been floating around my brainosphere:

And I'll leave with a question: what are you up to design wise? creative wise? life-wise? Anything.. I wanna know :]


  1. I think that last poster is in

  2. you think? shouldn't you know :] kidding. If you do see anything like that, it'd be a great present.
    p.s. I DO have a package for you thats just been sitting in my car, its on my to do list for Monday.

  3. So my designy struggle: we live in a 300 year old manor house type place...but I'm just not a country-living type designer. It has a lot of neat details (wood skeleton posting in the kitchen, wood burning stove in the living area, cool old windows), I just don't know if I can go countrified...

    Sara Newey

  4. Hahaha Sara, that sounds like our place! I'll see if I can pull something together for you, but what you need are really bright colors, and modern shapes.