Wednesday, January 5, 2011

did you watch

not from the most recent show but I had this picture, because I love their house.

Did you watch How I met Your Mother on Monday? I am still freaking out. Why did they have the countdown? And why was the ending so sad? Why HIMYM why? On a completely unrelated topic, I may or may not have gotten way too emotional over a fictional TV show.


  1. WHAT?!?!? Now you've got me all anxious! What happened?! Tony and I got wayyy into it in 2010... I happened to see a rerun on tv and just thought it was hilarious. By that one rerun, I told Tony I thought it was funny, and he went out and got all 5 seasons on DVD. We started watching them nightly, and we finished back in December. Since the 6th season was already going on tv, we just decided to wait until it came out on DVD to watch the episodes.... Does it sound like they may be ending it?! Nooooooooo!

    But dont worry about getting emotional - I bawled my eyes out at the series finale of Friends. SO cliche sounding but they really had become my "friends" over 10 years. If I could count on one thing, it was that show making me laugh every Thursday night. HIMYM is the first show that's made me feel like that since Friends. I love it! And what's better is that Tony loves it too and it's something we can do together, which is always really nice :)

  2. Holy Crap, I don't want to ruin anything for anybody that hasn't seen the most recent show. But seriously, that was the closest I've been to crying in like 7 years. seriously. I don't know how that show can get to me but it does. I don't know how I am gonna handle that show ending. I like to pretend it never will.

  3. SUCH a huge fan! :) Who doesn't love it? I get so emotional over these things too!

  4. @Danielle: Well, since you guys aren't watching the current season, without giving too much away. No it didn't end with Mondays episode. But thru out the whole show they counted down from 50 to 1 and it was super climatic and the ending was really sad, especially for the show. I'm glad you found it though... I am totally obsessed with it. I mean, I am Lily.
    @Jon.... thank you! I was so sad! And you know how TJ is haha. I don't want the show to ever ever end. Oh, and when are we gonna see you again?
    @Rachel... welcome to the blog!

  5. Ok....well now I want to watch it! It's hard for me to see a new one on and not watch it.... Ugh!! And that's funny because all throughout my high school years (and even sometimes now) I always heard form people that I was like Monica. Even from people I didnt know that had just met me! "You really remind me of Monica Geller from Friends...." Maybe it's my crazy OCD habits, but that's what I got. Lol. Lily is sooo cute! I love her.

  6. Matt and I watched it tonight...I cried my eyes out! The count down was NOT cool once it reached "1!"